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Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery (Oahu)

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery is a Honolulu bakery famous for fried-to-order malasadas, pumpkin crunch, and housemade ice cream. It's all onolicious here!

Hot malasadas, fried to order
Hot malasadas, fried to order

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery

This Kaimuki bakery has so many good local sweets!

From hot malasadas (always fried to order) to generous squares of malasada bread pudding, pumpkin crunch with a tower of whipped cream and specials like purple sweet potato-filled manju and malasada-stuffed ice cream, there's something for everyone's sweet tooth at Pipeline.

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery opened summer of 2016 and has been a local favorite since. Order at the counter and take home to eat (there's also a few tables inside). We often pick up a dozen hot malasadas on the way to grandma's house or sit down for dessert after dinner nearby.

Whole Pumpkin Crunch
Whole Pumpkin Crunch (also sold by individual square)


Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery is located in Kaimuki, a beloved local neighborhood in Honolulu. Kaimuki is a 15 minute drive from Waikiki and convenient to most parts of Honolulu.

I spent a lot of time in Kaimuki as a kid, and now as an adult! The main stretch of Kaimuki runs up and down Waialae Avenue...there's tons of good food along this street.

Check out our complete Kaimuki eating guide here ^_^

Below is a short list of few favorite Kaimuki spots:

  • Crack Seed Store - A Kaimuki must-visit! Come here for all kinds of crack seed, li hing mui snacks, and of course the famous li hing mui Icee.
  • Moke's Bread & Breakfast - Super nice people and super delicious lilikoi (passion fruit) pancakes. Don't miss the loco moco and housemade corned beef hash.
  • Koko Head Cafe - Many excellent eats this menu! I love the poke omelette, the house made sriracha sausage, and the breakfast congee (complete wiht Portuguese sausage and cinnamon-bacon croutons).
One hot malasada!
One hot malasada!

What To Order

This is Pipeline's signature item. Piping hot malasadas, fried to order. Malasadas are sugar-dusted Portuguese doughnuts that found their way to Hawaii during the sugar plantation era in the 1800s. Malasadas were enthusiastically adopted by Hawaii, and is now recognized as a local dessert.

If this is your first malasada, order the classic (simply dusted in plain sugar) and eat it right away. Malasadas (like Andagi) are best devoured hot, right on the spot.

After you try the classic (plain sugar), the branch out to other flavors like:

  • Coffee Sugar
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Cocoa Sugar
  • Li Hing Sugar

P.S. Brush up on your Hawaii malasada knowledge here.

Malasada Bread Pudding
Malasada Bread Pudding

Malasada Bread Pudding
Malasadas work their way into other desserts including a Malasada Bread Pudding. I'm not sure why bread pudding is so popular in Hawaii but I am happy and grateful that it is. The malasadas are cut up into chunks and soaked in a sweet custard sauce and baked.

Ask them to heat it up (or microwave for 30 seconds at home). If you're feeling extra indulgent, order a scoop of ice cream on the side. Yes, they make malasada ice cream.

Pumpkin Crunch...all that whipped cream! ^_^
Pumpkin Crunch...all that whipped cream ^_^

Pumpkin Crunch
You know all about Pumpkin Crunch, yes? If not, read this post first. Pumpkin Crunch is magic! Ok picture three layers. Bottom layer is crunchy butter pecan crust. Middle/main layer is a pumpkin filling. Top later is looootts of nice whipped cream. Served chilled. Our whole family is crazy about pumpkin crunch and we often order a whole pumpkin crunch cake for holiday desserts.

P.S. If you love pumpkin crunch, also check out the one at Diamond Head Bakery.

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Cream Cheese Square
Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Cream Cheese Square

Lilikoi Cream Cheese Bar
Pictured at the very top of this post. Butter shortbread crust, whipped cream cheese, and a top layer of tart and tang lilikoi (passion fruit)!

Ube Haupia Macadamia Nut Bar
This layered bar combines so many iconic Hawaii items. The based is a crunchy macadamia nut crust. That's topped with whipped Hawaiian purple sweet potato and ube. Then the final top is a layer of silky haupia. So good.

Purple Sweet Potato-Stuffed Manju
Purple Sweet Potato-Stuffed Manju

Purple Sweet Potato-Stuffed Manju
Housemade manju is an occasional menu specia. Manju is originally Japanese but Hawaii has adopted and adapted this wonderful baked treat. This flaky, buttery version is stuffed with local purple sweet potato. Read all about manju in Hawaii here.

Cake Bombs
Mini bundt cakes are offered in many (and constantly changing) flavors. It's like getting to eat a whole cake by yourself. Flavors include strawberry-guava, matcha, chocolate-macadamia nut, coffee, coconut, and lemon.

Half-dozen malasadas
Half-dozen malasadas to share with grandma

Insider Tips

Where to park?

Three options:
1) 1-hour free parking for customers. This lot is right around the corner on Center Street (it's across the street from Bank of Hawaii). Look for the top lot on the Ewa (west) side of the street. There's a small sign with the bakery's logo.
2) Metered street parking (right in front of the shop along Waialae Avenue).
3) Municipal parking lots (two lot options, both across the street between Waialae and Harding Avenue. One lot is between 10th and 11th Avenue. Second lot is between 11th and Koko Head Avenue)

Can't make it to Hawaii?

Pipeline recently launched nationwide shipping via Goldbelly. Cake bombs, cookies, and malasadas available for shipping. I have no idea how how malasdas are shipped, but it's neat concept...imagine a getting a fresh box of malasadas via mail ^_^

Daily specials?

Check their Instagram for weekly specials and upcoming new flavors.

Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery: Info

  • Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery |3632 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816 | 808-738-8200 |
  • Price (approximate): Malasadas are six pieces for $9, Cake bombs $3.50, Bread pudding, bars, and pumpkin crunch $3.85-$5.35
  • Hours: Monday-Tuesday (Closed), Wednesday-Thursday (8am-6pm), Friday-Sunday (9am-7pm)
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