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Aloha and Welcome!

Thanks so much for stopping by Onolicious Hawaii ^_^

My name is Kathy and I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I love to eat, I love to cook, I love everything about food. Especially food in Hawaii.

I'm a writer and consultant, specializing in food, hotels, and tea.

Onolicious Hawaii was created with support from my friend Jee and my husband. I hope you'll use this blog as a resource and guide for Hawaii cooking, traveling, and eating. There are many onolicious things to discover on our islands. Come enjoy 🤙

P.S. Onolicious is Hawaii's local way of saying super delicious!

Email: alohaonolicious (@)  ||  Instagram: @onolicioushawaii

What to expect on the blog?


Recipes for all the good dishes we grew up eating in Hawaii ^_^

Looking for a specific recipe that is not already in our recipe archives? Please email and I will do my best. If it's a recipe I'm not familiar with, I'll reach out to the Onolicious community for more answers. Hawaii's history of home cooking is incredible.

Local And Hawaiian Food Guides

Friends always ask: what is poi, lau lau, saimin, etc. The food we have in Hawaii is completely different from the rest of the world. Did you know local food and Hawaiian food are two different things? I'll break down popular local and Hawaiian dishes. We'll learn what it's made of, what it tastes like, how to make it, and where to eat it.

Eating Guides

I'll organize our eating guides by: neighborhoods, islands, and specific food cravings. Let me know if you have other ideas.

Hotel and Travel Guides

Have you decided which island to visit? The hotels in Hawaii are incredible and unique. We'll look at the pro/cons, and inside tidbits of each place.