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Tin Roof Maui

Local favorites like fresh ahi poke bowls, mochiko chicken, and mac salad fill the menu of Tin Roof Maui, a famous and very casual lunch spot located just a two minute drive from Maui airport.

Welcome to Tin Roof Maui!

What Is Tin Roof Maui?

Tin Roof Maui is a popular lunch spot in Kahului, Maui. This place is loved among residents and tourists for classic local Hawaii dishes like mochiko chicken, chow funn, poke, and much more. They also got bibingka for dessert!

It gets very, very packed during peak lunch hours. I go on the early side (10am-ish) to avoid the crowds and peak sun.

Tin Roof Maui is owned by Sheldon Simeon (also of Star Noodle and Lineage fame).

Where Is Tin Roof Maui

It's two minutes away from the Maui airport (OGG). Depending what time your flight lands/leaves, you should stop here on the way from/to the airport. They're only open four hours a day (10am-2pm, Monday-Saturday).

There's a lot of good food in this area including Poi By The Pound, Tasaka Guri Guri, and of course…Costco Hawaii  and Whole Foods Hawaii (both are filled with tons of Hawaii-only items).

Mochiko chicken over rice, 6-minute egg. Ulu mac salad and cup of dashi broth in the back.

Tin Roof Menu

The menu is big. If you're just one or two people, you'll either: order way too much or make many return visits! Everything on the menu sounds super tempting, so go with a plan. This is what we like to get:

What To Get At Tin Roof Maui

Mochiko Chicken

A very ideal mochiko chicken on rice plate! It's called mochiko chicken because the batter uses mochiko flour to give it a more mochi-esque pull. I'd take this over "regular" fried chicken any day ^_^

Tin Roof make it more indulgent by marinating the chicken in ginger-sake-shoyu, and then topping the fried mochiko chicken with miso sauce, gochujang aioli, and dime bag mix (more on the dime bag below, you can also buy it separately).

Daily Poke and Daily Fish

The poke bowl offering changes daily. You might get tako (octopus) poke (pictured above). You might get a classic shoyu ahi poke, or spicy ahi poke.

They also have a daily fish listed on the chalkboard next to the register. I've seen everything from ahi belly to kajiki (blue marlin) and nairagi (striped marlin). Sometimes the fish is pan-roasted, other times it's turned into a prepared dish like black bean ahi.

Fat Chow Funn

We eat lots of chow funn in Hawaii (like 2-3 times a week! my dad and I love getting chow funn together for lunch). They have FAT chow funn in the noodles themselves are fat. Soooo fat! They're almost half-inch thick. The noodles get pan-fried a bit so you have some brown, crisp parts. Very, very onolicious.

Ulu Mac Salad

You know how I am crazy about mac salad, yeah? Tin Roof makes mac salad with ulu (breadfruit)!! This is a must-get for any mac salad fan. 

Dime Bag

These "dime bags" are $.50 each and they're really good sprinkled over any of the savory dishes. It's basically Tin Roof'd housemade furikake. There must be a million different things in here, I especially like it sprinkled over the fat chow funn or ulu mac salad.

Chocolate Birthday Cake Bibingka

We loooove bibingka in Hawaii!!! Bibingka is a baked rice flour cake (similar to butter mochi, but also completely different 🙂 ).

Tin Roof bakes a chocolate version with peanut butter smeared over the top. Rainbow sprinkles to finish because...why not. They sell them in $5 boxes. We like to get a few boxes on the way to the airport to share with family/friends when we land back on Oahu.

Pono Pies and Valley Isle Kombucha

Take a peek inside the refrigerator (to the left as you enter Tin Roof) and you'll find two important items:

Pies from Pono Pies - these pies are made from ulu (breadfruit)! They have to be refrigerated and eaten cold. I love to put these in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before eating, it changes the texture so that it's almost like a frozen ice cream pie.

Kombucha from Valley Isle Kombucha - this is my favorite kombucha! We love this place so much I did a whole post on it here (they have a kombucha bar and cafe with super good food on the Lahaina side of Maui).

Spicy ahi poke, in a cup, to-go!

Tin Roof Maui: Insider Tips

  • Check their Instagram for photos/info on the daily specials (they post each morning).
  • Only open from 10am-2pm! Plan your visit accordingly. 
  • Very little seating - there's enough room for 3-4 people to eat inside, and then a small bench outside for a few more. We usually try to get one of the window seats, or just eat in the car.
  • Plenty of parking.

Tin Roof Maui: Info

  • Tin Roof Maui | 360 Papa Pl, Kahului, Hawaii 96732 | 808-868-0753 |
  • Price: Mochiko chicken $8, Garlic Shrimp $9, Poke bowls $13-15, Mac salad $1, Fat chow funn $7
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday (10am-2pm), Sunday (closed)
Mahalo for Reading!

Kathy Chan

Sunday 10th of November 2019

Hi Liv!

Solitary Salaryman sounds like a show I would really enjoy hehehe ^_^ Going to look that up! And YES for sure!! I'm working on a mochiko chicken recipe/post...I'll also include a guide on where to find good mochiko chicken in Hawaii. It is SO tasty ^_^ Hope you get a chance to make/taste/eat it soon!

- Kathy


Sunday 10th of November 2019

Mochiko chicken! I was so curious about it when I watched Solitary Salary man (Super popular Japanese drama that on season 8 currently) eating it on one of the episodes that I told my husband we had to eat it when we went Hawaii but alas, we couldn’t find them *cries*, will you be able to post a recipe of them? He looked in total bliss when he bit into one *drool*