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Hawaii Recipes

Thit Kho (Vietnamese Braised Pork and Eggs)

Thit Kho is a Vietnamese dish of braised pork and eggs. It's slowly braised in homemade caramel syrup (easy to make), coconut water and fish sauce. Those three flavors make a magical combination. Make sure to enjoy this dish with rice. Every Asian culture seems to have their own version of a braised pork dish. …

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Breadfruit (Ulu) With Coconut Milk

A comforting and not-too-sweet dessert of breadfruit (ulu) simmered in a lush coconut milk sauce. Cozy and warm, eat it hot with a spoon! Breadfruit ('Ulu) With Coconut Milk 'Ulu is the Hawaiian word for Breadfruit. Breadfruit seems to grow everywhere in Hawaii! It's a staple starch that has recently become more and more trendy. …

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