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Sushi Platter

Sushi Platters are a way of life in Hawaii! Picture a colorful platter filled with a big assortment of sushi ranging from ahi to unagi, salmon, ikura, and if you're lucky...uni. It is for everyone to share and enjoy! Sushi platters are popular at potluck parties, birthdays, graduations, new year celebrations, and any get together with friends and family. It's not a real trip to Hawaii till you've enjoyed a proper sushi platter, local style ^_^

A sushi platter from Fish & Rice.
Sushi platter from Fish & Rice.

What Is A Sushi Platter?

Behold the big and glorious Sushi Platter!

I'm excited about a lot of food, but I'm super excited about sushi platters.

Sushi platters are a "Hawaii thing." I'm sure they exist in other places, but no other state celebrates sushi platters the way we do in Hawaii.

Ok first things first. What is a sushi platter? A sushi platter is a big platter that's filled with sushi. Not just one kind of sushi but all kind of sushi. It can be filled with all sushi nigiri or all sushi rolls, or a mix of both.

Many sushi places have preset platters (like you can order Platter A, Platter B, etc), or you can "design" your own platter. For example, if you really like salmon and unagi you can order a whole platter of only salmon and unagi. The world is your oyster!

A sushi platter from Sushi You.
Sushi Platter from Sushi You.

Why Are Sushi Platters Popular In Hawaii?

There are endless reasons, and they all make good sense. Here are a few:

Family Oriented
Hawaii is very family oriented. There's lot of multigenerational living (think grandparents, parents, grandkids and grown kids all living together under one roof). And because of that, there's lots of big group eating. A sushi platter is a fun and easy way to feed a lot of people at once. And no cooking needed!

When living in cities like NYC and SF, I noticed that people often celebrate by going out to restaurants. But in Hawaii, I realized that we mostly celebrate by staying in and having a party at home.

I think it's because gatherings are large because everyone is invited (all the cousins and there are a lot of them! and the uncles and aunts, etc). It makes more sense and is more economical and fun to do a big gathering in the backyard (or a garage party) so that everyone can come celebrate.

We love fish, sashimi, and sushi in Hawaii! We are lucky to have lots of fresh fish on the island (make sure to check out all the fish at the markets when you visit). You can see how much people love fish based on the market lines, especially during holidays and graduation weekend. What better way to celebrate than with sushi!

A sushi platter from Hawaii Sushi.
Sushi Platter from Hawaii Sushi.

Pricing And Ordering

Prices depending on the size of the platter and the specific sushi and/or rolls involved. We usually pay about $60-90 for a platter, it can be a lot more or less depending on what you order.

For holidays (eg. graduation, new year's, mother's day, etc), make sure to order the sushi platter a few days or even a week in advance.

For all other times, you can just order an hour or two in advance. Call ahead to place the order, then you can just drive over and pick up.

Where To Buy

There are many places you can purchase sushi platters. Below are our go-to spots in Honolulu.

Fish & Rice
I go to Fish & Rice often. I love this place and it is my favorite spot for sushi platters.

I go for sushi lunch takeout for one person, I go for big platters, I go for all occasions. They're located inside Palama Supermarket (a Korean market) so you can do grocery shopping and get lunch/dinner at the same time.

Fish & Rice offers a several different preset sushi platters. You can do all nigiri, all rolls, a combo platter. A combo platter is perfect if it's your first time getting a sushi platter. The photo at the top of this post is Nigiri Platter B (I asked to replace the shrimp with more salmon). Prices are a little higher than other casual takeout sushi spots, but I love the quality here. So worth it.

Note: They recently started making mini sushi platters! It's perfect for 2-3 people. Sometimes I get it to share with mom and dad for an easy Friday night dinner. Sushi platter plus a cup of miso soup and a good movie...ahh bliss ^_^

Hawaii Sushi
A popular casual sushi spot on Monsarrat Ave (on a street near lots of other great food like Diamond Head Market & Grill, Pioneer Saloon, and da Cove Health Bar). Hawaii Sushi is great for big parties and get togethers. I would say the quality is right in between Kozo Sushi and Fish & Rice. It's the ideal option for tasty everyday sushi without breaking the bank.

Kozo Sushi
Kozo was the takeout sushi spot we all went to as kids. Kozo is a classic. In addition to the sushi platters, their handrolls are also tasty and so convenient. They have a bunch of locations all over the island. My go-to school lunch on field trip days were 3 tuna handrolls (I think they were only $1.25 each at the time!) Their sushi platters are quite popular and you'll see a big sign posted in the window with many sushi platter options.

Mitch's Fish Market and Sushi Bar
Mitch's is a full on restaurant (it's near the Honolulu airport), and you can also order sushi platters to go. It's more expensive than the other three options above, the quality is great. Pick all your favorite nigiri and rolls and ask them to assemble a beautiful custom platter.

Domo Cafe
Another great casual sushi spot that does a good job with sushi platters. They're popular for spicy ahi and garlic ahi nigiri so make sure those pieces are included in the sushi platter (you can also order an all ahi sampler platter too heheh).

A sushi platter from Fish & Rice.
Sushi platter from Fish & Rice.

How To Enjoy

Sushi platter is usually served as part of a larger meal. Picture this. Sunday afternoon at your uncle's house. There's maybe a dozen people, some come early and some come late. Some stop by for a quick lunch and others hang out all day.

The weather is good and there's a big table in the backyard. It's filled with lots of good food that everyone brought over. There's a big tray of chow fun (ideally takeout from Lam's Kitchen or Asian Mix), someone made over a giant salad, there's also mochiko chicken, a pot of shoyu chicken, and a bunch of other treats. And of course, one or two nice sushi platters!

Get a plate, and start "making a plate." Put some chow fun on the plate, some chicken, vegetables/salad if any. And then several pieces of sushi from the sushi platter. Then grab a can of juice from the cooler, find a seat and get ready to eat!

Main thing is eat plenty and have fun!! Hope you enjoy ^_^

More Sushi!

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Mahalo for Reading!


Monday 27th of December 2021

Yup; I love sushi and sashimi too! Your pictures make me drool! LOL! I wish there were places here in PHX where I could get a sushi platter for my New Year's Day meal. I was gonna make ozoni, but I just made chicken vegetable soup this week and we still have some leftover soup to eat again this week. Since my ozoni is chicken stock/meat based, I thought ozoni would be chicken soup overkill to make it again for Saturday. Here is PHX, there are no sushi places that will make platters for sale. There are no places like Times Supermarket, or Don Quixote where I can get a premade tray. Yes, I can go to a sushiya and have them make up a platter for me, but I would have to pay the retail, per two-piece price for each sushi (nigiri) that I would order. Not that I can't afford it, but I can't see paying that much for a little bit of sushi just for me (my wife doesn't eat raw fish).

So I guess I will go to the Asian market and buy a small piece of maguro, tako, and hamachi for my sashimi plate. I plan to make a little bit a simple, chirashi sushi rice too, and maybe something like teriyaki beef filet and maybe a couple of pieces of teriyaki chicken. Better still, I think I will make tonkatsu since I know my wife will eat that and of course a big bowl of steamed edamame. So that will be my/our New Year's meal this year.

What are you going to do for New Year's? Are you cooking? Going to a potluck? Or going to eat out out somewhere?


Friday 31st of December 2021

Update: I signed us up for a New Year's Eve dinner at a small but nice Japanese restaurant near our home. The meal is four courses -- 3 kinds of appetizers, a set of 8 individual pieces of nigiri, a grilled kobe beef steak, dessert, and champagne. So with Japanese food tonight, I decided against making Japanese food for our New Year's meal. I'm just going to do a standard haole kine pupu food tray -- salami, summer sausage, 3 kinds of cheese, crackers, cocktail gourmet bread, chips, home made potato salad, onion/sour cream dip, tuna spread, and deviled eggs. Pretty simple but I think it will suffice.