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Restaurant Suntory (Oahu)

From teppanyaki dinners to sashimi and sukiyaki, fresh made tofu and gorgeous Shunsaizen lunch sets, Suntory offers high quality Japanese food in Waikiki. This restaurant has been around for 35 years and is loved by both locals and visitors.

Course 1 of the Shusaizen Set from Restaurant Suntory.

Restaurant Suntory

Hooray for Suntory! I love this restaurant and eat here often. It's a great spot for everything from date nights to family gatherings. Come for a peaceful weekday lunch or a fun weekend dinner. Everyone loves the Japanese food at Suntory. It's also located in a lively area of Waikiki with lots of nearby shopping and things to see and do.

Sashimi from Restaurant Suntory.
Sashimi platter.


The official name is Restaurant Suntory, but locals just call this place Suntory. It's located on the 3rd floor of Royal Hawaiian Center which is a open air shopping and dining center in the heart Waikiki.

If you're staying in Waikiki, you can just walk here. If you're driving, Suntory validates parking at the Royal Hawaiian Center parking lot.

There's many great food places at Royal Hawaiian Center including dim sum at Tim Ho Wan and udon at TsuruTonTan.

Sukiyaki from Restaurant Suntory.

What To Order

Half of the restaurant is devoted to teppanyaki grill tables. Teppanyaki is very popular here. Take your pick between several steak options and/or chicken, shrimp, scallops, and the daily fish. The Teppanyaki Entree sets include salad, appetizer, vegetables, rice, miso soup, and ice cream. You'll be seated around a teppanyaki grill table (the tables are large and there will be multiple groups seated around the teppanyaki chef). Dinner is interactive and cooked in front of you.

If you've have a big appetite, order the Teppanyaki Course which includes additional dishes like sashimi, abalone, and lobster.

Note: If you have your heart set on teppanyaki, make sure to ask for a teppanyaki table when making the reservation.

Washoku Gozen (Get the Sukiyaji)
The Washoku Gozen sets are equally popular. Select a main dish from options like sukiyaki (I usually order this ^_^), shabu shabu, or sashimi and tempura. The main dish is accompanied by salad, rice, and miso soup so that that you get a complete dinner course. I especially love the sukiyaki because it's cooked right at your table...soo delicious.

Goma Tofu from Restaurant Suntory.
A special goma tofu dish.

Fresh Tofu
We love fresh tofu in Hawaii. From tofu shops to the many tofu dishes we prepare at home, I would be happy eating tofu daily!

They offer several types of fresh tofu at Suntory including:
- Macadamia Nut Tofu
- Hiyayakko Tofu
- Agedashi Tofu
- Yudofu
- Teriyaki Tofu
- Soymilk Tofu
- Atsuage Tofu

They are all so different and very delicious! Try as many as you can.

We always order sashimi to go with our meals at Suntory. We usually order one of the platters (select from several platter sizes depending on how many people you have) and share it as an appetizer for the table. Fresh fish, beautifully cut and served. Simple is best.

Misoyaki Butterfish from Restaurant Suntory.
Misoyaki butterfish.

A La Carte Items
As you can see, "sets" are very popular here but don't overlook the a la carte items. In addition to the fresh tofu and sashimi, they also have a great sushi bar and lots of prepare dishes. Two of my favorite a la carte dishes include an elegant pair of seafood shumai topped with ikura and the misoyaki butterfish.

Strawberry Mochi from Restaurant Suntory.
Fresh strawberry daifuku (mochi).

Shunsaizen Set (Lunch Only)
The Shunsaizen set is my favorite menu item at Suntory. It's a lesser known offering (feels almost like an insider secret type of dish heheh) and one that many regular customers love. Suntory serves Shunsaizen set only during lunch and you should pre-order it a few days in advance. The Shunsaizen set is listed on the menu, but if you wait till you're there and seated to order they will likely be sold out. They make 12 orders a day.

What is the Shunsaizen set? It's a set menu of three courses that change monthly. Each course includes multiple small dishes, so you end up with 8-9 beautiful dishes. Come with a big appetite and get ready for so many onolicious dishes.

Call at the beginning of each month if you want to know the exact dishes for the Shunsaizen set, or check their Instagram. I try to make it to Suntory at least once a month for's a special treat and also an excellent value.

If you're curious about a sample Shunsaizen set menu, here's what they served for the April 2021 Shunsaizen ($32):

1st Course (pictured at the top of this post)
- Tuna Tartar with Heart of Palm, Avocado, and Quail Egg
- Scallop and Squid Nuta
- Choy Sum Karashi-zuke
- There was also a bonus seared beef and miso dish ^_^

2nd Course
- Goma Tofu with Macadamia Nuts Ankake
- Saba Ishiru-boshi
- Wafu Chicken Nanban
- Shokuji
- Hot Agodashi Goto Udon

- Homemade Strawberry Daifuku (if you like fresh strawberry mochi, make sure to try the many versions offered at local mochi shops in Hawaii).

Udon from Restaurant Suntory.

Insider Tips

Locals know...

Everyone once in a while Suntory will have a 20% discount (dinner only) coupon in the Wednesday food section of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Save it if you see it ^_^

Where to park?

Free three-hour parking at Royal Hawaiian Center with validation. Enter the lot on the right side of Royal Hawaiian Avenue. Make sure to ask for parking validation from Suntory before you leave.

Use your parking time.

Parking in Waikiki is not easy so if you have the free three-hour validation, take advantage of the time before or after your meal at Suntory and walk around Waikiki.

Entrance to Restaurant Suntory.


  • Restaurant Suntory | Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center (Third Level), 2233 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 | (808) 628-0639 |
  • Price (approximate): Teppanyaki starts at $36; Washoku courses start at $56; Shusaizen set $32; fresh tofu from $6; sashimi assortments from $16
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday (11:30am-1:30pm and 5:30pm-9pm)
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