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Higoto Japanese Eatery (Oahu)

Higoto is a tiny takeout bento shop in Honolulu. They are most popular for beautifully layered "cup sushi" and a fun assortment of musubi.

Salmon and Ikura Cup Sushi, overhead view
Salmon and Ikura Cup Sushi, Mentaiko and Egg Musubi

Higoto Japanese Eatery

Higoto is a bento and musubi shop in Kaimuki.

It's a tiny grab-and-go place offering delicious food like salmon and ikura cup sushi, miso butterfish, and chicken katsu bentos. Plus lots and lots of musubi!

Daily selection of bentos and musubi at Mentaiko and egg musubi
A selection of bentos and musubi

Bentos (And Musubi) In Hawaii

We love bento (and musubi) shops in Hawaii! I'll do a whole post about bento shops in Hawaii soon. The concept of a bento shop is Japanese, but I love how all the ones in Hawaii have a distinct local touch.

If you're into bentos and musubi, make sure to check out a few other favorites:

As you know, everything that comes to Hawaii gets "Hawaii-ized." That's why the Japanese food in Hawaii is more what we call "local Japanese style," and the Chinese food is "local Chinese style."

Entrance to Higoto Japanese Eatery
Entrance to Higoto


Higoto is located in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu, on Oahu island. It's a residential neighborhood (about 15 minutes drive from Waikiki) with lots of good food. Kaimuki is one of my favorite neighborhoods.

We have a whole post devoted to all the good eating spots in Kaimuki. You can definitely make a day out of eating around this neighborhood. From cafes to bakeries, li hing icees and restaurants, Kaimuki is a gem.

Higoto is located on the lower part of Kaimuki in a small shopping complex with Times Supermarket and Longs Drugs. There's plenty of free parking within the complex. Higoto is located on the ground floor, right next to Times Supermarket.

Cup Sushi, Inari Sushi, and Salad menu at Daily selection of bentos and musubi at Mentaiko and egg musubi
Part of the menu

What To Order

There's a general menu at Higoto that includes cup sushi, bentos, salad, musubi, etc. But the specific offerings within each category change daily.

Just visit in person and you'll surely find something (or several things!) to satisfy your craving. This what is we usually order:

Salmon and Ikura Cup Sushi, side view
Salmon and Ikura Cup Sushi

Cup Sushi
Cup Sushi is what it's all about! Four kinds of cup sushi. Salmon and Ikura, Spicy Ahi and Avocado, Crab and Ikura, and Ahi. I usually order the Salmon and Ikura, it's a classic combination. I could this daily!

It's called Cup Sushi because everything is layered neatly in a cup with rice. Check out that side view! From top to bottom:

  • Salmon, ikura, edamame, pickles
  • Tamago
  • Multi grain rice
  • Shredded carrots
  • Multi grain rice
  • Shredded purple cabbage

Dig in (all the way down ^_^) and devour. A single Cup Sushi order is enough for a light lunch. If you're extra hungry, add on a musubi.

Daily selection of bentos and musubi at Mentaiko and egg musubi
Some of the bento selection

Bentos, yeah!! They have so many different kinds of bentos. They all come with rice and an assortment tsukemono (pickles and preserved vegetables), edamame, marinated vegetables, etc.

Bento selections include:

  • Pork Katsu and Chicken Katsu
  • Karaage Chicken
  • Yakitori Chicken - Real nice with the shichimi seven spice.
  • Beef Steak - With a pepper sauce.
  • Tofu Steak - With a bunch of different vegetables.
  • Hamburger Steak - A super local Hawaii classic.
  • Shoyu Garlic Salmon
  • Unagi
  • Miso Butterfish - So good! Here's our go-to recipe for making miso butterfish (also called misoyaki butterfish) at home.
Mentaiko and egg musubi
Mentaiko and Egg Musubi

They make a bunch of different musubis, and they are all delicious! You can find popular classic flavors like salmon, karaage chicken, tenmusu (shrimp tempura), mentaiko and egg, and ume shiso.

They also make fun and inventive flavors like beef sukiyaki and cheeseburger (for real). And of course, local favorites like Spam, which basically makes it a Spam musubi but much cuter.

One musubi is a snack. Two is a mini lunch. Three is meal.

Inari Sushi
Inari sushi is made by stuffing seasoned rice into aburaage pouches (which you can make at home).

Higoto makes two types of inari sushi: their classic version with lot of veggies, and another version that includes ume and hijiki.

A selection of cup sushi at Higoto Japanese Eatery
Cup Sushi at Higoto

Insider Tips

What time to go?

Go early for a bigger selection and if you're craving a specific dish. They often sell out.

Note: On days they don't sell out, Higoto sometimes offers 20% off at the end of the day.

Where to park?

There's free parking in the shopping complex.

About the rice.

All their dishes are offered with your choice between two types of rice: white rice and multi grain rice. Definitely get the multi grain rice! It's short grain white rice mixed with a blend of cereal grains. More fiber and nutrients, and extra tasty.

Where to eat?

Higoto is a small takeout spot. There's a small bench (enough to seat two people) if you need to eat there, but most people just take it to go. Sometimes we take it home or to the beach or park. Often times we eat it in the car ^_^

Bento menu at Daily selection of bentos and musubi at Mentaiko and egg musubi
Bento menu

Higoto Japanese Eatery: Info

  • Higoto Japanese Eatery | Kaimuki Shopping Center (1st floor), 3221 Waialae Ave Ste A4, Honolulu, HI 96816 |@higoto_japanese_eatery
  • Price (approximate): Bento sets $10-14, Cup Sushi $10, Musubi $2-3
  • Hours: Monday (closed), Tuesday-Sunday (11am-4pm)
Mahalo for Reading!