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Fujiya Hawaii (Oahu)

Fujiya is a local Hawaii mochi shop popular for chichi dango and fresh fruit mochi. Here's what to order, plus insider tips!

An assortment of ChiChiDango and Mochi from Fujiya
Assortment of ChiChiDango and Mochi from Fujiya

Fujiya Hawaii

Welcome to Fujiya!

Fujiya is a Honolulu mochi shop open since 1953. They're one of those "old school" shops that make Hawaii so special. They make all the mochi fresh in-house.

They also sell other popular local snacks (like senbei and arare), but the mochi is what they are most popular for.

Boxes of Peanut Butter Mochi for sale at Fujiya
Peanut Butter Mochi

For many years Fujiya was located on Waikamilo Street in Kalihi. A new owner took over the business from the founding family and in mid-2020, they closed the old location and moved the kitchen and store to Hauoli Street in McCully. The new location may look quite modern, but no worries! They've carried on traditions and recipes beautifully.

Note: Many beloved, old school businesses don't get carried on by the younger generation. So whenever someone (whether it is a family member, a friend, or someone passionate about the business), we should all be very grateful.

Ready to take look? ^_^

A pair of Fresh Lychee Mochi
Fresh Lychee Mochi

Mochi in Hawaii

We LOVE mochi in Hawaii! If you love mochi just as much, make sure to visit these other amazing local mochi stores:

Fresh Lychee Mochi, bitten in half to show the interior
Fresh Lychee Mochi (also has white bean paste filling)


Fujiya is located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. It's in a local neighborhood called McCully (15 minutes from Waikiki, 10 minutes from downtown). The store is in a small complex with free parking.

A box of 8 pieces of regular and haupia ChiChi Dango
ChiChiDango (Regular/White and Haupia/Pink)

What To Order

ChiChi Dango
ChiChi Dango is one of my favorite types of mochi, and Fujiya's is a must-try!
ChiChi Dango is a simple and elegant rectangular cut mochi. It doesn't have filling...the joy of eating ChiChi Dango is in the mochi itself.

Fujiya makes two kinds of ChiChiDango. The white color one is the regular/plain. The pink color one is the haupia. Try them both.

Fresh Fruit Mochi
Oh man, these are really cool. Fujiya sells fresh fruit mochi in a minimum of 2-packs (you won't have any problems finishing them all). They have four different kinds of fresh fruit mochi:

  • Strawberry - Whole fresh strawberry wrapped in azuki red bean paste and white mochi. A classic!
  • Lychee - Whole fresh lychee wrapped in white bean paste and pink mochi. Hawaii's locally grown lychee are amazing and this is a beautiful way of showcasing the fruit.
  • Mixed Berry - Strawberry and blueberry with white bean paste, wrapped in light pink mochi.
  • Banana - Fresh banana slices layered with peanut butter and azuki red bean paste. Wrapped in white mochi and dusted with kinako powder.
A pair of Peanut Butter and Banana Mochi
Peanut Butter and Banana Mochi

Peanut Butter Mochi
Yeah peanut butter mochi! I don't really see peanut butter mochi anywhere else in the world but for this combo of peanut butter and fresh mochi is super popular in Hawaii. Once you taste it, you'll understand why! It's a super onolicious combination.

You can order the mochi stuffed with just peanut butter (crunchy peanut butter to be clear ^_^). Or you can order it with peanut butter, banana, and azuki red bean paste.

An assortment of ChiChiDango and Mochi from Fujiya
ChiChiDango and Mochi

Bean Paste Mochi
Bean paste mochi filling are perhaps the most traditional type of filling. Fujiya offers two different types of bean paste mochi:

  • Red Bean - aka azuki bean paste. Wrapped in white mochi.
  • White Bean - aka lima bean paste. Wrapped in pink mochi.

Arare and Senbei
They've got lots of different types of available in the store and most are flown in from Japan. They include items like Wasabi Peas, Kimi Boro, Iso Peanuts and even Curry Iso Peanuts!), Shoyu Peanuts, Fried Nori and much more. These all make great snacks and omiyage treats for friends and family.

Inside Fujiya
Inside Fujiya

Insider Tips

Where to park?

There's a free parking lot in front of the store. The lot might be busy on the weekends, but we've always been able to easily find parking on weekdays.

How long does the mochi keep?

Eat fresh mochi the day you purchase it. Fresh mochi makes a big difference. If you must, you can keep it an extra day or two.

Store the ChiChi Dango and any fresh fruit mochi in the refrigerator (in a sealed container). Please note: it won't be nearly as soft or fresh the next day, so try to eat it all the first day ^_^

Order ahead!

For those who prefer, Fujiya has an order online / order ahead option (pretty rare for a local mochi shop, so props for that!)

I usually just visit the shop on a weekday mornings and order in person.

What's the ideal order?

Good question. I usually buy to share with my parents or grandma. So for 3-4 people, I order:
- an 8-pack of ChiChiDango (half-regular and half-haupia).
- a 2 (or 4) pack of a fresh fruit mochi (like the Strawberry Mochi).
- a 2 (or 4) pack of a peanut butter or bean (red or white) mochi.

An assortment of fresh mochi for sale at Fujiya
Part of the daily mochi selection (the fresh fruit flavors are kept slightly cool)

Fujiya Hawaii: Info

  • Fujiya Hawaii | 930 Hauoli Street, Honolulu, HI 96826 |
  • Price (approximate): ChiChi Dango $6 for 8 pieces; Fresh Strawberry Mochi, Mixed Berry Mochi $6 for 2 pieces; Fresh Lychee Mochi, Peanut Butter with Banana Mochi $5 for 2 pieces.
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday (9am-3pm)
Mahalo for Reading!