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Sun Noodle (Oahu)

Sun Noodles is a world famous noodle factory that started in our hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. Stop by their Kalihi factory to pick from a wide selection of fresh noodles. Take them home and make dinner! Saimin, perhaps?

A bundle of fresh noodles from Sun Noodle

Have you heard of Sun Noodle? They got mainstream popular in NYC in the late 2000s (around the time Momofuku got big). Everyone was going crazy for these fresh ramen noodles made by Sun Noodles in New Jersey.

I remember thinking, hmm that's funny. We also have a great noodle company in Hawaii called Sun Noodles. Sun Noodles was popular among many local families growing up, we even bought the Sun Noodle at the supermarket! Could it be the same company?

It turns out it was the same company! Sun Noodle started in Hawaii, and then opened an east coast factory in New Jersey. Now when everyone talks about "the famous Sun Noodle," I like to remind that that Sun Noodle is originally from Hawaii ^_^

Trying to find parking at the Sun Noodle factory

What Is Sun Noodle?

Sun Noodle is a noodle company that started in Honolulu, Hawaii. They've been around since 1981. It's still a family run business today, only bigger, with operations in New Jersey and Los Angeles. They even opened a restaurant in NYC called Ramen Lab. 

Sun Noodle makes over 600 (!) types of fresh noodles, many of which are custom made for restaurants across the country. 

Entering Sun Noodle office to order fresh noodles

Where To Get Sun Noodle

In Hawaii, we can get Sun Noodle in many places including: Whole Foods, Time's Supermarkets, Foodland, Safeway, Long's, and even 7-11 Hawaii. Different locations carry different items from Sun Noodle.

Some may have saimin noodles, others might have frozen ramen noodles, etc. Some places sell just the noodles alone. Others sell assemble-at-home noodle soup packages. 

If you're looking for a specific type of noodle (and neat experience), visit the Sun Noodle office/factory in Honolulu...

The magical Noodle Binder

Where Is Sun Noodle Honolulu?

Sun Noodle is located at 1933 Colburn Street, in the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu. This neighborhood houses many offices, factories, and warehouses. Kalihi is also home to a lot of great local eats (we'll do a post on this neighborhood soon).

Sun Noodle is not set up as a retail shop. It is a working office/factory (which is part of what makes the visit so special). How do you go about getting these noodles? Well...

At the Sun Noodle factory (this is the room where you pick up the noodle order)

How To Buy Noodles At Sun Noodle

There is a process to purchasing the noodles, but it's pretty easy. Here's what you do:

Get There

Drive to 1933 Colburn Street. Find parking. The parking situation is a hit or miss. I've gone on days where the street is full of big vans/trucks making deliveries so no place to park. I've also gone on quiet days with easy parking. If you're concerned, best to bring a buddy who can wait in the car or drive around the block while you go in. 

Find The Office

Look for the door to the office. Walk up the flight of stairs. Turn left, you'll see another door. Open to get the office. 

There's a super nice office manager at the counter and she's the one that will take your noodle noodle. If you don't know which noodle you want (no pressure, there are so many choices) she'll offer you a neat binder will with ALL the noodle options.

Order From The Noodle Binder

The noodle binder is an amazing binder and I wish I could slowly try my way through all the noodles. You can even get things like wonton wrappers and gau gee wrappers. I was overwhelmed on my first visit. The lady asked what I making. I said, mazemen! And she pointed me to the exact noodle I needed to make mazemen. 

She asked how many pounds of noodles I needed. I said it was just for three people (a little embarrassed because they probably fill giant restaurant orders all day!) Luckily, I made the minimum order amount 🙂 She drafted an invoice and told me to take it downstairs for pick-up.

Pick Up Noodles From Warehouse

FYI: the prices are really fair. My three serving package of mazemen noodles was about $4. Fresh noodles! What more could you ask for? Hawaii is full of special gems. 

Now go back downstairs. Out the front door and turn right into the warehouse space. Show your invoice to one of the ladies working there and she'll give you the noodles!

Then you go home and make dinner ^_^

Picking up the fresh noodles (3-pack bundle) from the warehouse

Sun Noodle: Insider Tips

  • Note that this Colburn Street location isn't set up like a traditional retail shop. It's a big warehouse that serves as Sun Noodle's Hawaii factory and sales office. 
  • If you don't know exactly which noodle you want (there are MANY options), ask to see "the binder of noodles."
  • Parking is a hit or miss. Best if you go with a friend and have one person wait in the car or drive around the block while the other person goes in to get noodles. 

Sun Noodle: Info

  • Sun Noodle | 1933 Colburn Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 | (808) 841-5808 |
  • Price: Fresh noodles (sold in minimum serving bundles of 3): starting at $3
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (7am-4pm), Saturday (7am-12pm), Sunday (closed)
Mahalo for Reading!


Thursday 9th of January 2020

Hi again: I too am (was) a big fan of Sun Noodles. In fact, many years ago, I was a third tier reseller of Sun Noodles on the West Coast. Remember when S&S Saimin was also really popular? Then Sun Noodle bought them out and they were no more. But Sun Noodle is great, as I am sure you will agree.

Kathy Chan

Thursday 9th of January 2020

Hi Alan! Happy new year :) Ahh that is super cool. I definitely remember S&S Saimin, such good memories. Thank you for sharing! - Kathy