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Andy's Sandwiches & Smoothies (Oahu)

Andy's is a popular sandwich shop located in Manoa Valley. From papaya smoothies, to a big menu of fresh and healthy sandwiches (on house-baked bread), everyone loves Andy's.

House baked bread, papaya seed dressing, and the secret seasoning mix
3 special touches: house baked bread, papaya seed dressing, and the secret seasoning mix.

Welcome to Andy's!

Do you know about Andy's?

The full name is Andy's Sandwiches & Smoothies but locals call it Andy's.

Andy's is cozy sandwich shop located in the heart of Manoa Valley (a residential neighborhood filled with great food). It's been around for a long time and is one of those beloved local spots. Order at the counter and find a seat inside or outside (be careful the birds outside). Everyone at Andy's is so kind. I've been here over a hundred times over the last two decades and each visit just makes me want to come back more.

Right before the lunch rush, best time to go
Right before the lunch rush, best time to go

We've been going to Andy's since middle school. From the minute we got permission to leave campus, my friends and I would walk from school to Andy's for lunch/snack.

When I ran high school cross country, I'd often detour to Andy's while the rest of the team ran all the way into Manoa Valley. I'd time it so that I could order/eat/have a frappuccino at Starbucks next door and re-join the team when they were running back to campus. I'd do this with another friend who was also only on the team to get PE credit. We never broke a sweat and I don't think anyone ever caught on ^_^

Now as adults, we often meet up at Andy's for lunch, or stop by Andy's to pick up a sandwich/muffin before doing the Manoa Falls Trail hike. I also make sure to bring all my friends who visit to Andy's at least once.

Eggplant Melt at Andy's
Eggplant Melt at Andy's

What Makes Andy's Special?

The sandwiches! More specifically:

  • The whole wheat sandwich bread baked in-house daily.
  • The ever elusive "mix" sprinkled on all the sandwiches. No one knows exactly what goes into the mix – it's a powdery blend of this, that, and much more, all stored in a big plastic Costco container. The kind with a red shaky top. There’s definitely paprika, pepper, and steak seasoning. That’s all I can pick out. Better we never know. To know the secret would take out all the fun.
  • The tiny containers of papaya seed dressing that comes with each sandwich. I don't know if it's made in-house or bought, but I love that little touch. Who thinks to pour a little dressing on the sandwich? It makes a big difference. It's slightly tart and tangy, and brings everything together.
Ahi, Avocado, Tomato Sandwich
Ahi, Avocado, Tomato Sandwich

What To Order

I have a few go-to items:

Eggplant Melt
The menu is divided into sandwiches and hot sandwiches. Eggplant Melt is a hot sandwich, and is so onolicious. It has layers of baked eggplant, sliced mushroom and tomatoes with cheese melted on top of all of that. Then there's shredded carrots, lettuce, and handful of sprouts. And the famous papaya seed dressing.

Ahi Melt
I also love the Ahi Melt which is pretty similar to the Eggplant Melt except the baked eggplant is replace with a savory ahi spread (think tuna salad but a million times better). Also has melted cheese and all the veggies and the papaya seed dressing. You can also order the same sandwich without the melted cheese (which is a good idea if you're taking it to-go/eating later).

Papaya Smoothie
In a world of $10+ smoothies, I love how the Andy's smoothie menu is still reasonably priced. My standard order is the Papaya Smoothie which is made from papayas, apple juice, and strawberries. Simple and no fuss, the ideal drink to go with these sandwiches. The smoothie menu is quite large, you're bound to find a flavor combo that you love.

Andy's makes turnovers, muffins, energy bars, and cookies. If I'm eating lunch there, I just get a cookie (usually peanut butter). If I'm heading on a hike, then I'll also get a blueberry or carrot-raisin muffin for a post-hike snack.

Pancakes and French Toast
Breakfast is only served on Sundays so plan accordingly. I often share an order of blueberry pancakes and sweet bread French toast with a friend...too hard to decide between the two. If you crave something savory, get the bacon and mushroom omelet.

When To Go

On weekdays, I go either right before or after lunch rush. Lunch rush is about 11am-12:30pm. Avoiding the rush means 1) shorter wait and 2) easier to get a table seat.

On weekends, it tends to be busy all day (especially because a lot of people get lunch here before heading to the Manoa Falls Trail hike) so just be patient, no need rush ^_^


Andy's is located in the heart of Manoa at 2904 E Manoa Road. It's a short 15 minute drive from Waikiki.

Lunch rush at Andy's
Lunch rush at Andy's

Insider Tips


There are a few street parking spots in the area if you're lucky. I usually park in the big Manoa Marketplace lot (the one with Safeway and Longs Drugs) right across the street. You're not supposed to park there, so I usually buy something small (like chips or a hair tie) from Longs before heading over).

Good food nearby!

Manoa is a wonderful eating neighborhood, make sure to check out all the good eats nearby. After lunch at Andy's you can easily walk to Choco le`a for chocolates and ice cream, Morning Glass for coffee, and even Off The Hook Poke Market or Feast Manoa for a second lunch. Here's our Manoa Eating Guide.

Andy's Sandwiches & Smoothies: Info

  • Andy's Sandwiches & Smoothies | 2904 E Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI 96822 | 808-988-6161|
  • Price: Sandwiches are $6.50-$8.99, Pastries are $2-3, Smoothies are $4.25-$6.75
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (7am-4pm), Saturday (Closed), Sunday (7am-2:30pm)

Mahalo for Reading!


Thursday 23rd of July 2020

Oh my god, your story about sneaking in a starbucks in the middle of cross country killed me. That's hilarious! And so me. I abhor running especially in the heat.


Friday 24th of July 2020

Hi Jeanne! Ahahah, same! Why run in the heat when you can have a Frappuccino? ^_^ - Kathy