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Eggs 'n Things (Oahu)

Eggs 'n Things is a popular breakfast restaurant on Oahu. They have four locations. Here's which location is secretly the best, plus what to order!

Fresh pineapple pancakes with whipped cream and macadamia nuts

Eggs 'n Things

Eggs 'n Things is one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Hawaii. The two Waikiki locations have constant lines. The menu is gigantic, the portions are hearty. They serve classic breakfast fare plus a bunch of local food like loco moco, hamburger steak, etc.

Some people are obsessed with Eggs 'n Things, others think it's overrated. I'm smack in the middle, I love it when you "do the visit right."

How do you do it right? You eat at the Ala Moana location and you order the banana pancakes (with whipped cream) and adobo fried rice with two sunny side up eggs. More about this below!

Inside the Ala Moana location

Eggs 'n Things Locations

Eggs 'n Things has four locations on Oahu:

This is the main/most popular location for visitors (Ala Moana is the main location for locals). Difficult to find parking here (and Waikiki in general). Best to come if you're staying at a nearby hotel in Waikiki so you can just walk over. Be ready for a long wait during breakfast/lunch hours. The most "cute" location, gets photographed often.

Waikiki Beach Eggspress
Always very packed in the morning. Order and pay at the host counter and then wait in a separate line to get seated. If I'm in this area, I usually just make a short drive to the Ala Moana location (see below) because this Eggspress location is super touristy.

Ala Moana
This is the location that the locals go to. Why? The location is convenient, it's right next to Ala Moana Center, and there's free parking (you can even park at Ala Moana and walk over). It's also the least busy/hectic location though there is still a short wait during weekend brunch times. I also think the food is best at this location...gotta be because they're catering to loyal locals here ^_^

Ko Olina Center
This location is in Ko Olina (on the far west side of Oahu). It's walking distance from hotels like Four Seasons Oahu and Aulani, a Disney Resort. There's not too much else on this side of town, but developers are hoping for Ko Olina to become Oahu's second major city (Honolulu is the first). 

Blueberry and sour cream crêpes

Eggs 'n Things Osaka and Tokyo

Eggs 'n Things is especially popular with visitors from Japan, so it makes sense that they would open eventually open in Japan.

You can find Eggs 'n Things locations in Osaka and Tokyo. These Japan locations are "nicer" than they Hawaii locations (Hawaii restaurants always fancy it up when they open in Japan). However I still think the food at all the Hawaii locations taste much better.

Pork adobo fried rice with eggs

What to Order at Eggs 'n Things

Both the menu and portions are BIG at Eggs 'n Things. For three people, we order two dishes and share. For two people, we still order two dishes but take home a lot of leftovers. Here's what we like to eat at Eggs 'n Things:

Trio of pancake syrups (maple, guava, and coconut)

We always, always order pancakes at Eggs 'n Things. It's their signature dish and for good reason. There are several pancake options and we rotate between banana, pineapple, or blueberry pancakes. Make sure to order it with whipped cream. Five pancakes to an order! It's a lot of food and great for sharing. 

The pancakes come with three types of syrup: maple, guava, and coconut. Maple is still my go-to, but it's fun try all three.

Crêpes and Waffles and French Toast
Eggs 'n Things offers all types of breakfast food. Pancakes are top priority, but the crêpes, waffles, and French toast are also great. The French toast is made with Hawaiian sweetbread (my favorite kind of bread), and the crêpes are fun (though far from "authentic" French crêpes, these are on the thicker/pancake-esque side).

Fried Rice
Rule of thumb is that we order one sweet dish (usually pancakes) and one savory dish (usually fried rice). They have a bunch of different fried rice options, but we love this pork adobo fried rice with two eggs on top. This dish is only available after 12pm at the Ala Moana location. Don't forget the Tabasco! Hits da spot good.

Pancake section of the menu (Ala Moana location)

Eggs 'n Things: Insider Tips

  • Are you kamaaina (local)? Don't forget to ask for the kamaaina discount (bring your ID card). It's 15% off the whole bill.
  • Sometimes you can find Eggs 'n Things coupons in the local Star Advertiser newspaper. Keep an eye out.
  • For easy parking and the best menu, head to the Ala Moana location.
  • Go-to order: banana pancakes with whipped cream, pork adobo fried rice with sunny side up eggs

INFO: Eggs 'n Things | Multiple locations |
PRICE: Pancakes, waffles, French toast, and crêpes $8.50-20, fried rice $11-15
HOURS: Hours vary by location: click here for all hours

Mahalo for Reading!