What is Furikake Chex Mix?

A sweet and salty Hawaii snack made from cereals and chips tossed with furikake and a butter-soy sauce syrup.

What is Furikake?

Furikake is a Japanese seasoning made of nori (seaweed), dried bonito, and sesame seeds.

Is it like regular Chex Mix?

Sort of...but even tastier!  Soy sauce and furikake give it that special Hawaii twist.

Fun + Easy

Flexible Recipe

Add more or less of your favorite cereals and chips. Go heavy or light on the furikake. Tailor to your tastes.


Furikake Chex Mix is sold at many stores in Hawaii. They are popular at bake sales, potlucks, and birthday parties.

Salty and Sweet

Furikake Chex Mix features a dream mix of salty (from the soy sauce and furikake) and sweet (from the butter and syrup).

Perfect Snack

Furikake Chex Mix is the ideal beach snack, hiking snack, and car snack! Pack it for school and work snacks.

Great for Sharing

Make a big batch and share with friends and family. That’s how we do it in Hawaii ^_^

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