Costco Hawaii 5 Must-Get Items

We LOVE  Costco in Hawaii!

There are many unique Hawaii-only items at Costco Hawaii. Make sure to visit when you're in the islands.

Which Islands Have Costco Locations?

  - Oahu (many locations!) - Maui - Big Island (also called Hawaii Island) - Kauai

Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn

What Is  Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn?

It's the best way to eat popcorn! Buttery and tossed with furikake and mochi crunch. That's how we enjoy popcorn in Hawaii.

Mac Nuts

What Are Mac Nuts?

Roasted macadamia nuts make wonderful snacks and excellent gifts! You can buy them at many places in Hawaii, but you'll save a ton purchasing them at Costco. Comes in many flavors (sweet and savory), though the classic is most popular.

Portuguese Sausage!

What's Portuguese Sausage?

Everyone knows Spam, but only locals and insiders are familiar with Portuguese Sausage. It's our go-to breakfast meat, savory and spiced. So perfect with eggs and rice for a classic Hawaii-style breakfast. Freezes very well, so bring some home.

Kakimochi / Arare /  Mochi Crunch

What Is Kakimochi / Arare / Mochi Crunch?

This delightful snack is a Hawaii classic and goes by many names. Eat it plain, toss with popcorn, or even make cookies. A wonderful sweet-savory snack.

Lau Lau!

What Is  Lau Lau?

Lau Lau is a popular Hawaiian dish! It's made of pork and salted butterfish that's wrapped in wrapped in lu'au leaves AND ti leaves. Steamed to perfection. Super delicious! Best enjoyed with rice!