What is Butter Mochi?

Butter Mochi is popular Hawaii snack and dessert. It's like a cross between cake and mochi!

Snack Size

Butter Mochi is baked in a big 9x13 pan and then cut into squares.

Easy To Make


Tender, moist, and slightly chewy.  Can be baked to have more a cake-y texture or more of a sticky mochi texture.


Lightly sweet. Hinting of coconut. Just buttery enough!

Room Temperature

Butter mochi is traditionally enjoyed at room temperature.  It is easy to pack and makes the perfect snack.


Butter Mochi can be made in other flavors like chocolate and lilikoi (passion fruit).

Great for Sharing

Make a big batch and share! Butter mochi is very popular at bake sales and potlucks. That’s how we do it in Hawaii ^_^

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